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At The Reexamined Life™ Retreat, a limited number of participants will spend three days on a guided tour inside themselves to reclaim the keys to their own success and happiness. At the end of their retreat, participants will find themselves capable of being better leaders, and team members in their life and work. 

Come Inside...

*To reexamine the life you have through gratitude and appreciation.
*To learn new tools for choosing and designing the life you want to have.
*To learn effective methods of communicating to your team members and family.
*To learn effective methods for writing and verbally presenting complex and simple ideas to others.
*To understand, develop and merge your personal and professional self and brand.
*To design and develop a path for becoming an Authentic Leader.
*To become an effective mentor for others.
*To equip yourself to become a valuable team member for the  future of business.

A balanced life requires that we retreat and reflect on our purpose, our work and our life in general, but rarely do we have the time or tools necessary for doing so. We have dedicated even less time for seeking solutions to our own situations.

At The Reexamined Life Retreat and Intensive, you will experience the perfect blend of relaxation and renewal of mind.


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